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Can you please include hwloc (Hardware Locality)?
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My system needed hwloc for a cryptocurrency miner, and I realized it wasn't available as a default package. Here is the homepage of the project :
I know Solus is mainly built for desktop use, but could it still be include? It could be useful for everyone who wants to write parallelized code.
It is open source, it's a sub-project of OpenMPI. The latest version can be downloaded here :
Sorry for my bad English and thank you for your time,


  • Homepage :
  • Why should this be included in the repository? : It's a library used by some programs heavily relying on parallelization to better know the hardware on which it runs, adding it to the repositories would make the build process for this kind of program easier.
  • Yes, it is open source
  • How many users do you anticipate will use this software? : Not a lot, as Solus is mainly used as a desktop distribution. But openmpi was added to the repo, so I think hwloc could be added too.
  • Link to source tarball/zip file :

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I packaged this locally for the same reason as the OP, so if given the green light, I can upload that pretty quickly.

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@JoshStrobl this can be closed since it's already committed.

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