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Gnofract 4D - Gnome Fractal Image Generator
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Solus has no fractal rendering software in its repos. I would suggest this as one of the better ones.

Site Extract :

What is Gnofract 4D?

Gnofract 4D is a free, open source program which allows anyone to create beautiful images called fractals. The images are automatically created by the computer based on mathematical principles. These include the Mandelbrot and Julia sets and many more. You don't need to do any math: you can explore a universe of images just using a mouse. It runs on Unix-based systems such as Linux and FreeBSD and can also be run on Mac OS X.

easy to use, with a polished, modern UI
very fast, with high-performance multi-threaded rendering
flexible, with an unlimited number of fractal functions and vast numbers of options
widely used, with over 125,000 downloads to date

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Needs a recent release before it goes in.

dms added a comment.Dec 16 2017, 11:37 PM

This may be an alternative if the requirement is something more recently updated that is still being developed.
Last Update: 2017-10-28

FractalNow provides users with tools to generate pictures of various types of fractals quickly and easily.
It is made of both a command line tool, FractalNow, and a graphical tool, QFractalNow.
The graphical tool, based on Qt library,

Gnofract moved to github 2 years ago and still haven't tossed out a release, which is "yellow flag" of caution for long-term viability.

FractalNow looks a fair bit more reasonable if you want to put in a separate request for it.

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Closed - Separate Requested made for alternative more current tool.