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Need opinions on whether or not pgadmin3 should be deprecated before this lands.

in my opinion I think we should have both in a transition period. Most of the other distros have both. Pgadmin4 have not been completely feature complete comparing the old pgadmin3 until lately and there are some that are more comfortable with the old one. We can later deprecate/obsolete pgadmin3 in an update.

As always the Solus team have the final say.This is just my opinion.

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Need opinions on whether or not pgadmin3 should be deprecated before this lands.

I had a look at pgadmin4 today so here is my feedback:

There are still many missing python dependencies that must be added in the repo before pgadmin4 can be landed. Also pgadmin4 version 3.0 was released recently; with such a version number, it should be featured/mature enough. Last but not least, pgadmin3 is not supported anymore (although it is still widely used).
So in my opinion, when pgadmin4 will be ready, pgadmin3 should be withdrawn.

Regarding the packaging, we should decide if we gonna build pgadmin4 against python 2 or 3. Personally I would suggest python 3 since python 2 should be deprecated before 2020 and also because it requires a couple lesser dependencies. I raise this point because I see the dependencies submitted by @curantes are currently built against both python 2 & 3 and those are only the firsts of a long series...

I have the dependencies built locally but I think I missed something or the config needs deeper configuration because when I run pgadmin4 there is a segmentation fault.
If someone wants to takeover, I can share my work since I had to make or update more than 30 packages for this.

My two cents from work: pgadmin3 is not compatible with postgres 10, but still widely used because it was easier to use and has more functionality. So I wouldn't deprecate it yet, because you can still run perfectly fine with a postgres 9.6.

As an alternative I can recommend DBeaver, but at some point we should include pgadmin4.

Closing due to lack of activity in over 30 days. Still eligible for inclusion.

As a workaround until we get a maintainer for pgadmin4 I recommend running it via docker.
Here is a nice full example how to use it when you are already using docker-compose for postgres:
It runs superb for me.

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