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Japanese Font in Brave Snap
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I can't seem to get Japanese font to display correctly in Brave. It does display correctly in both Firefox and Chrome. I believe the fonts are from the font-droid-ttf package.

I downloaded Brave with Snap, so I suspect it might a Snap related issue, but I'm not sure, so I thought I'd go here. If it is their or Brave's issue, I'll be happy to go bother them.

I'm on the MATE version of Solus.

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@Joe-Christman Brave runs in full confinement, so it couldn't use the system fonts if it wanted to. The developer(s) of this snap need to add the missing fonts into the Brave snap. Nothing we can really do about it on our end.

I suggest bringing this up on the snapcraft forums instead:

EDIT: I swear I look at these links before posting them :/

Thank you, I will go bother them.

LOL on the link screwup.