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Chrome Remote Desktop
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Details on the package provided for debian are here:
This is a really good remote desktop option that I want to see in Solus
This is not open source

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alecbcs closed this task as Invalid.Nov 18 2017, 1:48 AM
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Hi, this has already been requested in T1912. So I'm going to close this task.

@alecbcs Do not triage issues, this is not your responsibility. You didn't even properly mark it as a duplicate.

coreybruce added a subscriber: coreybruce.EditedFeb 28 2019, 7:41 AM

I can confirm that by extracting the data.tar.gz files from the chrome remote desktop deb file and moving them to your root directory works despite this bug that present with remote desktop tools in Solus which I have reported:

(note not recommended to do this the dirty way)
replacing the init will break your system

if we packaged the files inside data.tar.gz into a epkg package it wwould be a easy fix to this issue.