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Image Scan v3 for Epson scanners
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Since I can't get my Epson (all-in-one) L365 scanner to work in any way in Solus:
I'm requesting Epson Image Scan v3 (iScan V3 scanner driver) package to be added to the Solus Package Repository or Third Party Repository.
I think that the inclusion of Epson Image Scan v3 software in Solus repository will solve problems that other Solus people also have with their Epson scanners.

There's already a similar package named "utsushi" in Solus repository, but my Epson L365 scanner doesn't work with it and furthermore, I don't believe that the "utsushi" project is any more maintained:

Epson Image Scan v3 can be found here:

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crom5 created this task.Nov 17 2017, 11:40 AM

utsushi is an internal Epson project and is definitely maintained. They just might not yet be providing support through github.

As for the source URL, they moved Image Scan v3 to github under the utsushi project. I'll be updating the task description to signify this.

DataDrake updated the task description. (Show Details)

I need to find out whether iscan v3 is a continuation of iscan or a new package.

Hi DataDrake, i don't know nothing about that.

When I try to scan with utsushi, my Epson L365 start working - scan itself is processing, but no image is saved (file vanishes) and also no error occurs. Since the scan itself is processing, most probably there's some stupid little error - but I don't have a clue if in utsushi or in Solus. The fact is that until recently when I switched to Solus, "Epson Image Scan v3" worked perfectly in Ubuntu.

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