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Firefox 57 on unstable repository has unencrypted HTTPS
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As crazy as that may sound, here's a screenshot. Github doesn't even load the CSS correctly because of that, and the issue happens on both my desktop and laptop, running latest Solus on the unstable repo. I know, unstable has that name for a reason, but it's usually stableish unless Ikey warns us on social media to not update.

I have tried with an empty profile, in safe mode, cleared cache and... nothing. It's definetely a problem in the software itself. Is it a known issue with the current build?

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I know I'm not member of Triage Team but I got to get this fixed asap

Curious, I'll look into this later today. Very likely nss/nspr issue.

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@ikey did nss, p11, etc. updates. I'm cooking Firefox locally right now.

I'll jump into it too after dinner.