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Screen goes to full brightness when awaking from suspend - MacBook Pro
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I have Solus installed on a 2010 MacBook Pro (7,1):

Graphics card is: NVIDIA GeForce 320M and I'm using the Nouveau drivers -- the proprietary Nvidia 340.xx drivers are not very friendly (not confined to Solus).

This is a clean installation.

On waking from suspend, the screen goes to full brightness. When I hit the up or down brightness control (F1, F2) the screen returns to the previous setting and is adjusted from there.

I had the same problem when running Ubuntu 17.10 (with Wayland) recently (previously installed on this machine).


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Is this still a problem?

Fraz added a comment.Aug 28 2018, 6:40 PM

This was still a problem on Ubuntu 17.10 (under X) at EOL. I'll re-install Solus some time over the next few days and report back.

Fraz added a comment.Sep 14 2018, 11:44 AM

OK: Fresh installation of Solus on partition alongside MacOS > ran updates from Software Center (system is up-to-date). The updates have left the display pretty messed up -- when/if I get a chance I will open a bug report for this problem but in brief (included in case they point to anything significant) I have black screen with panel, does not accept request for desktop background, erratic/inconsistent window behaviour, not all windows display title bar (at least Firefox), cannot always switch between windows unless active one is closed down. (Not sure if I'm having keyboard and touchpad issues as well).

Relating to bug: waking from suspend does not affect brightness as originally described, however, I can no longer control brightness at all. Unsure if either of these have anything to do with the display being messed up.

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Update: I've installed the lts kernel. "Messed up" display I described earlier is not an issue -- works fine.

Relating to this bug: waking from suspend now behaves as expected -- brightness unaffected after waking from suspend.

Many thanks!