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Intel Wireless-AC 3165 Weak Reception
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As the title suggests, I have weaker reception on the Intel Wireless-AC 3165 than I have on the newest RTL8211AENF drivers (kernel 4.13.11), and this is on the same laptop (Lenovo IdeaPad 300-15), in the same location (my room, almost immediately underneath the router which is on the floor above), on the same networks (both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz are affected), with the same router (Xiaomi Mi3 Router, running Padavan) being situated in the same spot.

Note: We have thicker than usual concrete walls in our house, the only reason why the reception may seem rather normal to most people, is due to the Xiaomi Mi 3 Router having such good coverage).

Realtek RTL8211AENF
2.4Ghz: ~83-89%
5Ghz: ~71-81 (Update: Perhaps it was placebo, I am getting 49-55% now, 2.4Ghz is the same as posted though)

Intel Wireless-AC 3165NGW
2.4Ghz: ~67-71%
5Ghz: ~47-51%

However, network speeds are better on the Intel card than the Realtek card.

Realtek RTL8211AENF
2.4Ghz (Internal) Network Speed: Up to 150Mbts (Out of 150Mbts).
2.4Ghz Internet Download speed: At first ~26400Kbts, and then it dropped to ~17200Kbts, however the speeds stayed stable.
5Ghz (Internal) Network Speed: Up to 200Mbts (Out of 433Mbts).
5Ghz Internet Download Speed: ~5000-7900Kbts, but mostly ~6400-7500Kbts.

Intel Wireless-AC 3165NGW
2.4Ghz (Internal) Network Speed: Up to 150Mbts (Out of 150Mbts).
2.4Ghz Internet Download Speed: ~25550-27530Kbts (Mostly ~26900Kbts).
5Ghz (Internal) Network Speed: Up to 433Mbts (Out of 433Mbts).
5Ghz Internet Speed: ~19380-24320 (Mostly ~22400Kbts).

Once again, a Linus Tech Tips WAN Show clip on YouTube was streamed (

Update: Added RTL8821AENF test results.
I had made sure to not update my laptop after testing the Intel 3165NGW card, to eliminate external variables (The Entangle issue is on my desktop, I didn't install Entangle on my laptop).

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Either the wireless cards are reporting RX power differently or one of the cards (intel) is mismatched with the antennae. Since the intel is getting better speeds, I suspect it just allows for higher RX power than the Realtek so it reports the percentage as lower. Either way, there is absolutely nothing we can do to "fix" this as technically everything is behaving as expected (afaict).

Alright then, no problem.
Now I am using an Intel 7260, with no inherent differences with my 3165 (aside from higher local network speeds, due to it being a dual band card), and once I manage to remove the whitelist from my laptop's firmware, I have an Intel 9260 waiting.