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Laptop freezes after clean installation on Dell XPS 15 due to nouveau driver for Nvidia
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I searched other issues posted but they all seem to be related to unstable or otherwise having a different issue.

By default, with no drivers from Nvidia, Solus will "use" nouveau but that makes the whole system lockup at random. Symptoms may vary from cursor lockup to entire OS being unresponsive or very slow.

Basically, I managed to track down the root cause to onboard GTX 1050 inside XPS 15 (uses Intel + Nvidia). Blacklisting nouveau removes all the problems, and system boots and works as expected.

P.S. coincidentally I also need to install with


parameter otherwise the whole system freezes as well. I don't remember this being a problem on Solus 2 release when I first installed it.

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I also had problems with this computer but I was lazier than you : I did stay on the lts kernel which works just fine with this machine.

Is this still an issue?

Very much so. Only affects latest current kernel.

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Can someone verify this is still an issue with the latest ISO?

Can someone verify this is still an issue with the latest ISO?

I didn't do a clean install from the ISO, but when I boot the current kernel the system is still pretty much unusable. Its slow, unresponsive and randomly freezes up (single windows or the whole OS). LTS kernel works without issues.

I can confirm that blacklisting nouveau fixes this issue.

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I'm going to assume this is fixed by now unless someone says otherwise.