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Gnome 3.26.1 Control Center - Laptop External Display Issue
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I use my Solus laptop with a dock and two external monitors. After the update to Gnome 3.26.1, the laptop seems to default to the laptop screen instead of the external monitors when shutting the lid after docking. I need to open the lid and play with display settings in order to get one monitor working (the second external display is recognized, but does not display an image).

I found a corresponding bug on Gnome's bugtracker (I found one for Ubuntu, but the problem seems to be with Gnome).

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lnx4tw created this task.Oct 24 2017, 9:41 PM
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Thanks for letting us know, if a patch or new version becomes available upstream let us know and we'll look into bringing it into Solus.

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There's a few patches that'll likely sort this out:

However I'm hesitant to switch us over to git for Mutter, mainly because it's mutter and I kinda like not having to worry about incomplete work landing in our Mutter and potentially negatively affecting the user. I'm hoping they'll have a .3 release soon-ish and if there isn't one before we release Solus 4, I'll switch us over and try to be selective about the patches.

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