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Name: Tixati


Why should this be included?: (from the homepage)

Tixati is one of the most advanced and flexible BitTorrent clients available. And unlike many other clients, Tixati contains NO SPYWARE, NO ADS, and NO GIMMICKS.
Tixati has the following features:

  • detailed views of all aspects of the swarm, including peers, pieces, files, and trackers
  • support for magnet links, so no need to download .torrent files if a simple magnet-link is available
  • super-efficient peer choking/unchoking algorithms ensure the fastest downloads
  • peer connection encryption for added security
  • full DHT (Distributed Hash Table) implementation for trackerless torrents, including detailed message traffic graphs and customizable event logging
  • advanced bandwidth charting of overall traffic and per-transfer traffic, with separate classification of protocol and file bytes, and with separate classification of outbound traffic for trading and seeding
  • highly flexible bandwidth throttling, including trading/seeding proportion adjustment and adjustable priority for individual transfers and peers
  • bitfield graphs that show the completeness of all downloaded files, what pieces other peers have available, and the health of the overall swarm
  • customizable event logging for each download, and individual event logs for all peers within the swarm
  • expert local file management functions which allow you to move files to a different partition even while downloading is still in progress
  • 100% compatible with the BitTorrent protocol

Open Source?: It is not open-source, though the developer has stayed committed to his/her "NO SPYWARE, NO ADS, and NO GIMMICKS" principle.

How many users will use the software?: While Tixati is banned from some private trackers due to the ability to spoof other clients, it remains a lighter alternative than qBittorrent, Transmission, Deluge, etc. It caters to advanced torrenters with extensive features while remaining, in my usage, the lightest BitTorrent client.

Link to versioned tarball: tixati-2.55-1.x86_64.manualinstall.tar.gz

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I'd like to second support for Tixati to be included. It's the only Bit Torrent client I have found that has a proper working scheduler and it just works flawlessly.

sfg added a subscriber: sfg.Dec 8 2017, 10:41 PM

I'd like to third this request. Hands down, its the best client IMHO.

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This torrent client is the best what I use for many years, its clean and fast compared to most of the other clients without any issues. It has a simple clean interface with no ads and unwanted pro pack update pop up.

Since I moved to Solus few months back I tried many torrent client which is not at all good and end up with qtorrent only because Tixati is not available, qtorrent always shows torrents as "stalled" I tried many setting but no luck.

It will be great if you can include Tixati, thank you for the great OS, all the best.


JoshStrobl added a subscriber: JoshStrobl.EditedJan 16 2018, 3:01 PM

What can this do that qbittorrent can't do already? Can't reproduce your "stalled" issue.

Hi @JoshStrobl I tried every single torrent client available and Tixati was the only one that had a scheduler that actually worked out of the box and works flawlessly too.

lorcopotia added a subscriber: lorcopotia.

Any change to have tixati added to solus repo ? any time soon?

kyrios123 added a subscriber: kyrios123.EditedFeb 22 2018, 9:32 AM

Any change to have tixati added to solus repo ? any time soon?

Well looks like we are waiting for your patch... I mean if it wasn't still in the Backlog:

lorcopotia claimed this task.

lorcopotia added a comment.EditedFeb 23 2018, 3:24 PM

Wow !!! i'm so sorry about that! :D I didn't realize! Well ... It seems like now I have to do something about it

lorcopotia closed this task as Resolved.EditedFeb 25 2018, 9:49 PM

As in Package Inclusion Policy says :
Value Add:
If the newly requested package offers no functionality above that of an alternative already in the repositories, it will very likely be rejected. “It’s pretty” is never a sufficient reason.
Explicitly Redistributable:
Software under a free software or open source software license, or license text which explicitly states that it is permissible to redistribute the software.
For anything that cannot be redistributed by Solus, there is the possibility for them to be provided as a Flatpak, for Third Party repository inclusion. These items should then fetch only at installation time, and not contain non distributable components.
Unless absolutely unavoidable, the sources for a package should be source, and not binary, prebuilt sources. Exceptions may be made in rare cases, such as stage1 bootstrap...

So I've learned a couples of things in the last days. First one, the link I've just share above and second a script that I've done to everyone who wants tixati on Solus or any other OS. I hope it's good, but if it's not please you're more than welcome.

Have a good one.

PS. In fact, I use tixati as well :D

DataDrake reopened this task as Open.Feb 25 2018, 10:12 PM
DataDrake removed lorcopotia as the assignee of this task.

@lorcopotia Please don't close tasks. It would have been enough to un-claim the task.

We aren't accepting new things into 3rd-party until the Software Center has Snap integration. Then this will be evaluated.

@lorcopotia could you please describe how can install Tixati with your script, as a non technical person I didn't understood anything from it.

Please help.

DataDrake closed this task as Wontfix.Jul 12 2018, 2:11 PM
DataDrake claimed this task.

Given we have no plans on flatpaking or snapping this application, closing as wontfix. I'd suggest reaching out to the respective developers about supporting either of those distribution and container models, or taking on the initiative.