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Kakoune Text Editor
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Kakoune is a text editor inspired by Vim, but aiming to improve on usability, speed, learning curve and code quality.

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Edit : I have built it successfully and been using it error free for almost a week now. If that makes anything easier.

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whatever updated the task description. (Show Details)Oct 19 2017, 7:01 PM

What is the value add for this vs all of our current editors? Also we wouldn't include this until there's been a stable release.

@JoshStrobl ,

I have been using this editor for almost a year now. There probably won't be a stable version released anytime soon, but the project itself is stable.

This editor provides visual interaction with vim like keybindings. It is easier to see what you're operating on and somtimes it is faster than vim (less keystrokes). Knowing what you're going to modify before doing so also saves time. This is a feature not present in any other editor on Solus.

The best reading material I can think of why it is valuable: (Scroll down to "Why Kakoune" if you already know the benefits of modal editing, which I'm sure you do!).

In my opinion, kakoune is a much easier modal editor to learn than Vim as well. If there are those that are wanting to leverage the power of modal editing and don't know where to start, kakoune would be a great choice. If you already know vim, it might not make sense to switch since you have different muscle memory, environment, plugins, etc.

Would we really not be able to include this package without a stable release? If so, perhaps I can reach out to the kakoune developers and see if they will provide one.

cnasc added a subscriber: cnasc.May 13 2018, 3:36 PM

FWIW, Kakoune had its first official release on April 12.

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cnasc added a comment.Jul 30 2018, 8:35 PM

I'm willing to take a crack at packaging this if nobody else has plans to

In T4820#124268, @cnasc wrote:

I'm willing to take a crack at packaging this if nobody else has plans to

It's better to claim the task rather than dropping a comment, so people can see in the workboard that you're assigned to this task

JoshStrobl assigned this task to cnasc.Jul 31 2018, 8:54 AM