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Missing '/etc/crypttab'
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Missing '/etc/crypttab' after system installation from usb flash drive.
Without it, gnome-disks will show an error, when user will try to encrypt hard drive.
Please add this file in to 'base system'.

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Not an installation issue. Packaging issue.

This error also shows when trying to set up additional encrypted drives to mount at boot, via the "Encryption Options" in gnome-disks.

T3703 solves a similar issue by manually adding lines to /etc/kernel/cmdline instead of /etc/crypttab not sure which is preferable.

What do I have to write into /etc/kernel/cmdline?
Having external external HD (luks encrypted with keyfile).

Same here, i need execute touch /etc/crypttab to solve this issue. It would be interesting create this file during installation?