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Uniform update (download) progress output in eopkg
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When updating packages from the terminal, certain packages like libreoffice-common and paprius-icon-theme (and many others) print new lines to continuisly show update (download) progress while the majority display one line and only update the percentage within the line.

It's not a big issue, but certainly a minor annoyance :)

I'm in favor of unifying the progress output to display one line with a continuously updated percentage rather than displaying new lines, for conciseness and readability.

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Make your terminal wider, if does that if it doesn't fit on one line...

TheMarketAnarchist closed this task as Resolved.Oct 12 2017, 3:04 AM

Derp. Sometimes common logic eludes me! Thanks!

Justin added a subscriber: Justin.Oct 13 2017, 1:45 AM

This will be addressed further in the change to the new package manager. ?