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Brightness changes on Optimus not working under MATE
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Fully updated but vanilla MATE install, brightness change hotkeys aren't working on my T530 running Optimus. I've noticed this issue on most other distros up until about a few months ago. FWIW everything works flawlessly under Budgie, and under current builds of Gnome and KDE on pretty much any distro. The brightness OSD changes, my guess is it's writing to the wrong backlight interface in sysfs (that's what I've seen before).

Let me know if I can track down any other info, I'm not familiar enough with all the moving parts in here to know where to start finding actual hard data.

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We've since then have had several mate updates, including a major updated. Can you confirm this is still an issue?

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I'm still having brightness issues on my laptop, details here With Solus Mate fully updated and Mate 1.20, when I'm not plugged into a power source, the screen is very dim and increasing the brightness works but then jumps back down after a while. This is with "Reduce backlight brightness" and "Dim display when idle" options ticked in power management settings.

Still an issue for me at the moment. Brightness keys cause the OSD to pop up and the bar to move but no actual change of the display brightness.

Manually echoing values to /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness causes a change, and pressing the keys seems to change the value in /sys/class/backlight/nv_backlight/brightness but have no effect on the hardware.

I never had this problem and I'm running on MATE for more than a year.
Fn+F11 and Fn+F12 are working fine on my Dell XPS 15... At least on the iGPU, I never use the dGPU.

There have been times when I press the keyboard button to increase brightness and I see the indicator decreasing for a few presses after which it increases! This is on battery power. It stays bright for a while then suddenly becomes dim after a while. Not sure if this is because of an old, low-capacity battery.

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This very much seems like a hardware issue. What laptop is this?

This happened on my old Dell Inspiron 15R N5010, but now I have a new laptop.
On my ThinkPad E480 only thing I noticed is holding the brightness up/down button on the keyboard changes the brightness quite slowly.
When I tried a Live USB of a KDE Plasma-based distro, the brightness changed much faster.

Sorry about the late reply! Thinkpad T530 for me. Issue resolved with new ISO though.

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