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Name: Mailspring
Email client, fork of Nylas Mail, it provides a high configurable client.
Free Software/Open Source (GPLv3)

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Thanks @kyrios123 for pointing to the successor. Ikey mentioned in T3255 that this

needs a replace/obsoletes migration path

Would this still be the case given that it is a fork of an unmaintained project and could now be considered a separate project? Not that I mind having old orphaned packages removed from my system but it certainly feels better to have an option in the software center to consent to the removal of orphaned packages in case there is no replace migration path.

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Today they released a .deb and a .rpm for Mailspring. It seems that they will make a snap too, so maybe the best idea would be to collaborate with them in some way to accelerate that snap building :D

@JoshStrobl my sincere apologies for not searching this before posting a new package request.

This being said, I got a succesful build Mailspring from source locally on my Solus installation. So, I am going to give it a try this weekend to submit a package. :)

@mariosant As per our submitting a package documentation, please do not submit a patch until this has been accepted for inclusion. Thanks :)

Ah, thought it was accepted. Bummer ?

They are looking for testers for official snap package

Nice! It works! I just installed it via

snap install mailspring

Great news! Does it include menu icon and everything?

Great news! Does it include menu icon and everything?

Yes. I just installed it and everything seems to be working. (System Icon, Tray Icon, and notifications are all there)

Is anybody also getting multiple desktop entries for the Mailspring snap?

At least in MATE it's working as any other app: Brisk menu shows it once, has a tray icon, not lagging...

JoshStrobl triaged this task as Normal priority.Nov 18 2017, 11:32 PM
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The source code is available. Snaps are targeted for third party. So ya know, let's build from source and do a replaces (replace nylas mail with this).

@JoshStrobl I am happy to take care of it, if nobody else is working on it.

@mariosant are you working on this, if yes, could you please claim the task. Save double the work for the same result!

I have have gotten a bit carried away, truly, apologies if you were working on this.

Hey @joebonrichie, no worries! I can only work on such on weekends, so I wasn't doing anything here yet!