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Must remove previous linux partitions manually (previously used elementary OS) in gparted before install, otherwise install fails
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During the installation process, the install failed during the partition rewrite.

I selected LVM setup, and to rewrite the entire disk even though I will lose data. After the user setup (setup 2 administrators), it went to setup the partitions and it gave me an error along the lines of (paraphrasing):

Partitions 1,2, and 5 have been rewritten but was unable to inform the kernel. Probably because they are in use. The changes have not been made, please restart the computer.

Again, this is not the exact error message but this is along the lines of what I got. The error message was very colloqiual which caught me by surprise as I am used to very uninformative, brief, and vague error messages.

My fix was to open gparted manually, remove the partitions manually (I also got the exact same error messages), restart the computer, and then re-do the install.

This is not a complaint, but I figure it might not be too helpful for someone who might not know what to do in this instance.

Great installation by the way! Easiest one so far except for this issue!

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+1 for this. The install fails for me if I have existing LVM on the installation disk. Removing lv's, vg's and pv's manually before starting the installation works. Perhaps consider removing all logical volumes, groups and physical volumes on the installation disk before clearing the partition table and creating new ones.

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