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Name: kitty
Project page:
Why: kitty is an OpenGL-based terminal emulator with built-in support for multiplexing like tmux, tabs, truecolor, and advanced features like startup sessions. Because it uses OpenGL, it's easier on the CPU. The UI is written in Python and supports extensions like new window layouts through it.
Open source? GPL v3.0.
Latest release:

kitty does depend on glew >= 2.0, so the update of glew and glew-devel would be blocking (T4205 and D884)

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JoshStrobl moved this task from Backlog to Accepted For Inclusion on the Package Requests board.

I have a package that will build, but as in the primary post, is blocked by glew being updated.

I just built kitty against glew 1.12 and it built just fine.

Looking through the changelog, it appears that glew is no longer a dependency as of release 0.5.0.

This commit is where they switched to using glad instead.

Snuggle added a subscriber: Snuggle.

Any updates on this? It's been ~2 months. ):