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Some notes about decisions made in packaging that may or may not be correct:

  • Crystal is self-hosted by cross-compilation, so the first submission to the build service will be bootstrapped by a pre-built compiler. This can probably be removed later;
  • Some flags generated by llvm-config --cxxflags are not recognised by g++, so these are removed (as mentioned earlier;
  • --no-debug flag is passed to the compiler for the initial build due to an issue in one of the LLVMs (pre-built binary or Solus');
  • Symbolic links are used in library files due to Solus' unique target triple (x86_64-solus-linux rather than x86_64-linux-gnu);
  • Some tests in the check phase are skipped due to network dependencies, PATH checking, or not working in most reports I see;
  • Many many documentation files.

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My bad; my fault for looking through older commits and not finding any done with Arcanist. Call it nerves.