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Two different login screens
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With one of my laptops I updated to Solus 3 and the password field on the login screen is centered, whereas it is on the left side and looks different on a laptop with a fresh Solus 3 installation. If given a choice, I prefer the centered version. When logging in it feels much more natural and ergonomically to have it centered.

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Uninstall slick-greeter and install lightdm-gtk-greeter if you want the old login screen back

Thanks, I see. I totally forgot that the greeter was exchanged. Ikey must have had good reasons to do so and I'd rather not change back if this was due to security reasons. I still hope that there will be some configuration options available or to have slick-greeter come with a centered layout in the future.

With slick-greeter the screen content sometimes stays visible despite the screen being locked. Only upon moving the cursor or pressing a key the actual screen-lock appears.

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@ikey Is it intentional that it is only available by default with the latest ISO or an upgrade path is missing to switch from lightdm-gtk-greeter to slick-greeter?

@baimafeima yes it is intentional: it's not because some defaults are changed on the new iso that Solus will force them for existing users (there is also another default theme, desktop background, the -current kernel, etc..). But if you want you can uninstall the lightdm-gtk-greeter and install the slick-greeter.

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