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Bug During Installation When Selecting a Keyboard.
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During installation I decided to opt for the 'English (India, with ₹ sign)' keyboard. After selecting it, I typed in the blank field below and saw that instead of English letters, Hindi letters were coming up. After that I selected the English (US) keyboard, then selected English (India, with ₹ sign) again, typed in the blank field below, and saw that this time English letters appeared (as they should've the first time).

Please look into this issue.


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Was installing Solus on a friend's laptop and faced this issue. That was embarrassing for me after I kinda sold him on Linux and Solus lol.

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For now until they fix this, Try changing the layout after install.

Mentioned this here. Especially an issue when using encryption, because you can't change your keyboard layout on the LuksOpen stage in boot

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Decreasing to more realistic priority.