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Login screen black after logout.
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New installaton on Apple macMini (early2009).
When login out any user, the screen goes black. No login possible.

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6u1d0 created this task.Sep 20 2017, 5:34 PM
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I have something similar, I'm not sure if I should open a seperate report or not. Dell Vostro 3568, Solus Budgie, installed about two months ago and kept up to date.

Twice in the last 3 days I logged back in to that account after switching to a different user and have been stuck on a black screen. I could see a slight flicker when tilting the screen at an extreme angle. It doesn't happen every time, and so far it has only happened on one of the two user accounts.

I've gotten out of it by restarting the computer. I'll try to investigate further if it happens again.

nrfaikar added a subscriber: nrfaikar.EditedJun 19 2018, 10:30 PM

Same here... But I was realised days ago, the feature: org > gnome > desktop > lockdown > *disable-log-out* was turn on. Or: org > gnome > desktop > screensaver > *logout-enabled* was turn off. That's made me unable to logout....

It was happened to me when I remove gnome-shell to using budgie instead... Then I switched back to install gnome-shell and remove budgie...

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