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Logical Volume Management (system-config-lvm)
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Logical Volume Management (LVM) is a disk management option, becoming more and more mainstream, that every major Linux distribution includes. Solus however lacks a proper management GUI for LVM.

GNOME Disk Utility as well as GParted do not include support for taking advantage of LVM’s most powerful features. There’s no options for managing volume groups, extending partitions, or taking snapshots.

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n8v8R created this task.Sep 15 2017, 3:13 PM
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system-config-lvm was written by Jim Parsons <>

Documentation at RH

It appears that the app is not in any development repository at Debian, where it used to be maintained

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Even if I could find a tarball for this, it looks like Fedora has completely abandoned their package since it is no longer maintained. This is a pretty good indicator that this would be DOA.