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Hunspell PT-BR (Brazilian Portuguese)
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Name: hunspell-pt-br
Homepage: Hunspell
Why: Many hunspell packages are already in the repos, except this one for my language (pt-br). There are no alternatives for pt-br spell check currently in Solus.
Open Source: yes.

Hunspell is also used by LibreOffice and FocusWriter.

Link to source: Code

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Any idea on when hunspell-pt-br will be made available for Solus?

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não problema, eu tenho isso. As a european portuguese learner I know the differences between pt-PT and pt-BR is like a super hardcore version of the differences between american english and british english.

The only updated pt-BR dictionaries are provided by LibreOffice therefore this ties into T3886

After I installed the libreoffice-common-dictionaries package from Solus repos the Lightproff spell check for PT-BR appeared for me on Libreoffice Writer writing aids option.
I've tested it and it is working, it's highlighting wrong words and suggesting the proper ones.

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Looking for a dedicated package maintainer and integrator for this. Request will remain open for one month pending maintainer, otherwise will be closed due to lack of demand.

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Yep. How do I create the repository? My only experience is updating existing packages (bleachbit, sequeler ...)

Initialize a git repo locally.

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