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I've never packaged before, but took a stab at packaging MakeMKV.

It seems to install/run as expected on my local system, but the packaging may very well not be done correctly. (For example, I patched the makemkv-bin Makefile to stop the EULA-prompt from interrupting the build.)

Any feedback would be much appreciated.


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So...why do we need makemkv-bin when they have an OSS version, and is their OSS version *truly* OSS or is the LICENSE just an indication of licensing of things they use?

Their Linux build instructions tell you to build makemkv-bin after first building makemkv-oss. Building just the OSS package puts a .desktop file in the launcher, but the application fails to launch if you try to open it.

I was talking about the license in the IRC a couple weeks ago and someone (I think cybre) looked up the license information.

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LGTM with minor fixes:

  • No need for -bin package
  • Drop -oss from package name.

Thank you for the feedback. Sorry, but why isn't the -bin package needed? When I build just the -oss package, there is a menu entry, but the program doesn't actually open (pops up failed to initialize error).

Is it preferable to combine the oss and bin packages into a single makemkv package.yml (though I don't know how to do that, myself, yet)?

DataDrake triaged this task as Normal priority.Oct 31 2016, 8:28 PM

Okay, I made another [hopefully improved] attempt. It's now a single package, "makemkv," that includes the -oss and -bin bits.

  1. Drop the component.xml file. That format has been replaced with the component key in the package.yml.
  2. Use pkgconfig for build dependencies when possible:
    • pkgconfig(Qt5Core)
    • pkgconfig(libavcodec)

Thank you for the feedback. Update attached.

so whats the status here? I'm also interested in using this application and the patch has been submitted since 3 months...

Pinging to make Herald scream.

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I merged your initial commit in R3359:f2e2f6cd089c8c6729eb5d63fd050c10bfd791fe and made necessary changes after as you'd
been waiting too long for this to be merged. Thanks!