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No sound with a ASUS E200HA
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Hello, I have install Solus 3 in my Asus E200HA but the sound doesn't work. I have test with VLC, Firefox, MPV and many other software and it's the same. I have this problem even if I use headphone. I think the sound card isn't recognize.

Perhaps these links can help:

Thanks in advance and for the good work with Solus.

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Is this still an issue?

Yes It's still an issue. People said in the third link that it's not an issue anymore with the latest Ubuntu version but I do not test this myself.

It is fixed in the 4.18 kernel but more than an updated kerne is required. You also need an up to date version of alsa and the new codec to be included when the kernel is compiled.

Idk if Alsa is up to date in Solus but if it is we just have to wait for the version 4.18 of the kernel :) @DataDrake

Update with the 4.18: now media (video in vlc and youtube and music with rhythbox) play nicely but I don't have any sound so it's a step up but the bug of the sound is still here (and the bugzilla issue is also open).