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No sound with a ASUS E200HA
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Hello, I have install Solus 3 in my Asus E200HA but the sound doesn't work. I have test with VLC, Firefox, MPV and many other software and it's the same. I have this problem even if I use headphone. I think the sound card isn't recognize.

Perhaps these links can help:

Thanks in advance and for the good work with Solus.

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Is this still an issue?

Yes It's still an issue. People said in the third link that it's not an issue anymore with the latest Ubuntu version but I do not test this myself.

It is fixed in the 4.18 kernel but more than an updated kerne is required. You also need an up to date version of alsa and the new codec to be included when the kernel is compiled.

Idk if Alsa is up to date in Solus but if it is we just have to wait for the version 4.18 of the kernel :) @DataDrake

Update with the 4.18: now media (video in vlc and youtube and music with rhythbox) play nicely but I don't have any sound so it's a step up but the bug of the sound is still here (and the bugzilla issue is also open).

I'm not sure but I think this just need a module in the kernel now? @DataDrake

Not sure what to make of that, we have both of the necessary configs:


Is there anything new about it in dmesg?

I have this who looks important I think (because it's in red and about audio):

Audio Port: ASoC: no backend DAIs enabled for Audio Port

I don't know how to really send more there is a lot of things

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@Tearow Can you attach your dmesg as a file upload? Thanks.

Sorry I didn't think of that. There it is.

Looks like ALSA separated out UCM configurations into a separate alsa-ucm-conf project, presumably to allow for that to be updated separately from main ALSA. This ucm conf project has configuration for your card. I'll look into updating ALSA, ALSA Firmware, and adding in alsa-ucm-conf as a runtime dependency on our alsa-lib to resolve this. This should get your card in working order. Will keep ya posted.

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Current rebuild list is ~127 packages due to necessary rebuilds given ABI changes. Given current items that we're testing and end of the year holidays, I wouldn't expect this to land until next week's sync at earliest.

Until then, you could try the following:

sudo mkdir /usr/share/alsa/ucm/bytcht-cx2072x
sudo mv HiFi.conf /usr/share/alsa/ucm/bytcht-cx2072x/
sudo mv chtcx2072x.conf /usr/share/alsa/ucm/bytcht-cx2072x.conf
sudo chmod 00755 /usr/share/alsa/ucm/bytcht-cx2072x
sudo chmod 00644 /usr/share/alsa/ucm/bytcht-cx2072x/*

Then reboot.

It did nothing but I'm happy that you try to solve this. I can wait and/or test other things if needed.

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@mickymow Merged your issue into this one as it may be related to outdated UCM files, which requires me to perform ALSA rebuilds. It's slated for Solus 4.2, hopefully I'll get it sorted in new few weeks. If the UCM updates don't resolve it you're kinda SOL, there' a bunch of issues related to the 98090 in the kernel bug tracker.

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Should be resolved with R349:1e6880b37e10: Update to, which you'll get this Friday. If your issue isn't resolved with the ALSA updates, feel free to re-open the task.

It's good ! I have sound now thanks !