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System-wide hang/freeze
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Hello, I've been having system-wide hangs or freezes as the title says when I try to play the game Helium Rain which uses Unreal Engine 4. When I start the game, the game logo appears, but seconds later, the system is frozen, I have to manually reboot the PC by pressing the power button.
Game developer tells me to use the git master mesa driver but I have no experience on how to do that, and recommends me to wait for an update.

Links that tell me that using git master version fixes the issue:

Other similar issues:

This is my system info:

If it's possible, I would like some guidance on how to fix this issue which actually is affecting some amd users. Or just release an update for it, if possible.
Thank you very much in advance.

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Interesting. So it's a UE4 bug after all. If UE4 didn't export its own libelf functions, it would work.

This is/was a bug in UE4 according to the bug reports you posted. There is nothing we can do to fix that.