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shameempk created this task.Sep 2 2016, 6:13 AM

Need some details on what it is, what its for, etc... ^^

Since we packaged i3wm, rofi is an advanced window switcher and dmenu replacement for i3, will work as a launcher for any DE though.

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Thanks for the additional info @shameempk, appreciated. Seems like a sensible addition to our offerings. I doubt I'll switch to using rofi from dmenu in the default configuration, but if there is demand for it I might reconsider.

Quick fix I'll do post-merge: Change component from utils to system.utils.

I am happy that you guys found it useful, for me rofi is a must have utility since i am not a mouse guy (was really waiting for i3 to come). Here is the required patch, but did from scratch (just to verify the deps once more).