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xorg-server segfaults sporadically at boot time
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Occasionally I'll shut the computer down and, SOMETIMES, when it boots up, I get the annoying blinking cursor. I press ctrl+alt+f1, login, try to run startx again, but to no avail. Rebooting doesn't work. What works is reinstalling xorg-server (and mesalib, for good measure) and rebooting, by issuing sudo eopkg install --reinstall xorg-server mesalib && sudo reboot

Attached is the log file of the last incident a few minutes ago.

On a side note, even though I am now on linux-current, this also happened on -lts. GCC is also very prone to break (which manifests itself in the form of ICEs) and tabs are STILL crashing randomly on chrome and firefox (no flash).

Sorry about the extra "complaints", but they're just way too shallow to warrant filing yet another bug report.

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No idea what happened but it stopped happening after I switched to unstable.