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Huion GT-220v2 Graphics Monitor not using full tablet area
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I'm attempting to get my new GT-220v2 working on linux-currrent (kernel 4.12.7). My H610 Pro of the past 2 years works flawlessly, but I'm having some issues getting the 220 working correctly. Using the 'xsetwacom' utility, I'm able to map the tablet to just the display, however the actual recognized pen area is too small, only taking up the top left third of the display. Take a look at the attached screenshot for an example of what I mean. The red box represents the area of the screen in which the pen tracks. If I place the pen in the center of that red box, the cursor is in the center of the screen. If I put it in the bottom right of the box, the cursor is at the bottom right of the screen, etc...

Any suggestions on things I could try to have the whole screen work?

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Any troubleshooting steps I can take or additional information I can provide? Right now I pass this through to my windows VM, but I'd very much like to use it on my host system so I don't have to deal with working inside a VM all day.

Temporary workaround in-case anyone else shares my issue:

Is this still an issue?

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