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TTY with wrong keyboard layout
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Scytale, Aug 14 2017


Solus seems not to change the keyboard layout within the TTY.

In my case i use the standard german layout with Solus, and it works correct everywhere, also in the gnome-terminal. Switching to TTY1 changes keys, i.e "-" is now "/". Do i miss something in Solus basic Keyboard settings or is this a bug as most other linux distros switch to german keyboard layout?

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Same issue

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The tty keymap is not set to the keymap chosen at install, and also to add to this the command loadkeys requires super user privileges, which can be a problem if you have special characters in your password.

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TTY is a different session and needs separate configuration from LightDM and the DE (fyi).

Would be nice to have it set during installation. In the meantime you can set it manually.

Run this command to list the keymaps : localectl list-keymaps
Then this command to set the keyboard layout : sudo localectl --no-convert set-keymap XXXXX (replace XXXXX with the value for your keyboard layout).

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