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"Open File Manager Here" from QDirStat doesn't work
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When I open QDirStat, and right-click a file in the file list, or right-click a file's box in the visualization below, there is an option to open a file manager at the location of the file. However, it doesn't work, at least not in Solus. Not sure if this is a bug specific to Solus or it's an issue with QDirStat, but I don't have another Linux distro to test this with. Could someone else test?

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yaomtc created this task.Aug 11 2017, 1:40 AM
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It's not a bug, just read the manual

Which desktop is used is determined by the $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP environment variable. Users can override this with the $QDIRSTAT_DESKTOP environment variable, > so you can get, say, the Xfce terminal or file manager despite currently running KDE if you set


Of course, you can still simply use your favourite file manager if you simply change %filemanager in the default "Open File Manager Here" cleanup action to the command to start it.

%filemanager : File manager application of the current desktop; one of "konqueror", "nautilus", "thunar", "pcmanfm". The fallback is "xdg-open".

Perhaps we can patch in the budgie XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP to provide a default

Also, probably fix kde to be dolphin and not konqueror

what about MATE ?

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what about MATE ?

Make it work for all the things I guess? :P

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"Open File manager Here" option or "Ctrl + F" is working fine in Budgie Desktop.
"Open Terminal Here" option or "Ctrl + T" is also working fine. I think this task should be closed.
Tested with qdirstat 1.6.1 and 1.7.

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Thanks for testing!