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Iscan plugins for Epson Perfection v19 scanner
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Name: iscan-plugin-gt-s650 1.1.0-1

Homepage: Epson

Opensource: No

Link to source of package:

The main iscan packages are already included in the Solus repos, however not all scanners are detected without their respective plugin packages. This package would allow users of the Perfection v19 family of scanners the ability to use the iscan program in Solus.

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I hope this'll get included 'cause my dad really needs this to get his Epson Perfection V39 scanner to work under Solus.

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Btw, I'll donate a big sum of money if this can get included :)

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Is Epson (all-in-one) L365 scanner on the list of the devices supported by this software?
I can't get my Epson L365 scanner to work in any way:

For me it would be the plugin for the gt f670 (V200 in Europe).

With respect,
how does one go about incorporating a plug-into an exisitng package like Iscan? You would need to disassemble the iscan yaml, rewrite, relink, lots of trial and error I suppose. Is it doable for a mostly layman? Roughly speaking that is. Thank you for any feedback.