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Anaconda / Anaconda2
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  • Name of the software: Anaconda / Anaconda2
  • Project/product Homepage:
  • Why we should include this into the repository, i.e. what does it do that the alternatives do not?: De Facto goto solution for working in data science. Provides a redistributable environment to leverage package dependencies shipped with the OS.
  • Is it open source? Yes,
  • If it is open source, please provide a link to the most up to date, versioned source tarball/zipfile. links will not be accepted.:
  • If there are no upstream releases but the inclusion policy is otherwise met, please provide a link to the source repository (i.e. GitHub): N/A
  • Comment: I am not 100% sure if this can go into the core repository or if it has to be in the third-party repository.

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leinad created this task.Aug 6 2017, 1:06 PM
EP01 added a subscriber: EP01.Aug 6 2017, 1:28 PM

I don't think Anaconda is really meant to be packaged. I do use it myself when working on Windows, especially when I don't have admin privileges, but on Linux the system packages are my preferred option. I'm currently working on packaging the most popular packages from Anaconda that are missing on Solus, such as IPython, Jupyter, Spyder, etc. Shouldn't take much longer to finish those, IPython is already awaiting approval.

DataDrake closed this task as Wontfix.Aug 20 2017, 6:15 PM
DataDrake claimed this task.
DataDrake added a subscriber: DataDrake.

It's a distribution that manages its own libraries and such. It was never meant to be packaged. I've even had it break systems before because of the vendored libraries.

HOWEVER: I would be willing to package miniconda if that was requested separately: