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I would really appreciate if somebody could get QGIS working on Solus. It is released under GPL2.

An excerpt from their website states "Most linux distributions split QGIS into several packages; you’ll probably need qgis and qgis-python (to run plugins). Packages like qgis-grass (or qgis-plugin-grass), qgis-server can be skipped initially, or installed only when you need them."

FYI, qgis-grass (high end geoprocessing tasks) and qgis-server (allows you to host a mapserver akin to google maps) are not really required for general use so I doubt many people would notice if it is difficult for you to get those components working or if they require too many additional dependencies.

Current release: (2.16.1)

LTS release: (2.14.5)

I'm unsure if GDAL is a dependency (probably) of QGIS. If not could someone let me know and I can lodge a package request for that separately to get access to the ogr commands.

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I'm pretty close to being done with this one. I think I have it built with most of the deps. I have disabled GRASS and server support for the moment. However, it looks like the Python support for GEOS is end-of-life so that might cause a few end-user problems.

When I start submitting patches for this, they will have to be done in phases. I want the library dependencies (GDAL, GEOS, etc) to be in the repo so that I am not relying on local-deps for the build. Need to make sure that everything is being specified by the package.yml because I have so many local deps installed from building other things.

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Landed as of

I'm gonna let @DataDrake have the satisfaction of marking this as solved. Pretty sure he lost a bit of his soul packaging all this up.

DataDrake closed this task as Resolved.Aug 24 2016, 12:29 AM

QGIS, you stand defeated. Huzzah

elmat0 added a comment.EditedSep 18 2016, 10:18 AM

@DataDrake, you sir are a god among men. I can't thank you guys enough for getting this working for me! I've been using it for the last week and its been smooth sailing.

Just a note:
There are several additional python modules required to get the basic baked-in geoprocessing functionality working. I had a tinker and managed to get them installed via pip.

Headers required from eopkg:

python-devel, gdal-devel, postgresql-devel

Modules required from pip:

GDAL, psycopg2, matplotlib, shapely
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