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sK1 (UniConvertor)
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Name: sK1 2.0 (UniConvertor)
Why should this be included in the repository? CMYK Prepress is not supported in Inkscape. It would be interesting to include the sk1 package, or at least UniConvertor, to support the PDF export plugin in the Inkscape.
Is it Open Source (yes/no): yes
How many users do you anticipate will use this software? I don't know
Link to source tarball/zip file:

UniConvertor homepage:
UniConvertor tarball/zip file:

Inkscape PDF CMYK (pt-br):

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python-sk1libs, python-uniconvertor and python-uniconvw depends:

  • libc6
  • liblcms1
  • libfreetype6
  • libjpeg62
  • zlib1g
  • python2
  • python-gtk2

sk1 depends:

  • liblcms2-2 (>=2.0)
  • libmagickwand-6.q16-2
  • python2
  • python-cairo
  • python-reportlab
  • python-pil
  • python-wxgtk3.0
  • python-cups


@ikey @kyrios123 @sunnyflunk Is it possible to include at least Uniconvertor to support CMYK/PDF export in Inkscape?

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@samuelcecilio sorry but only solus team members can take the decisions. I am just helping with the things that have already been accepted.

Any updates?

@samuelcecilio sorry but only solus team members can take the decisions. I am just helping with the things that have already been accepted.


We have started preparing UniConvertor 2.0 release, so nightbuild UC 2.0 snapshots are available on the project site:
Also we have updated sK1 2.0 night builds:
Last week we added PSD and XCF file format support.

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I really need this package because I'm working with other people who use propietary software (AI, Corel, etc.) while on the other hand I'm using Solus as my main and only driver, and I use Inkscape to open files created with those proprietary software.

I'm trying to build uniconverter2 and sk1 2.0, but I get the following error:

sudo solbuild build


src/uc2/libimg/_libimg.c:20:10: fatal error: wand/MagickWand.h: No such file or directory
 #include <wand/MagickWand.h>



description: |
    UniConvertor is a universal vector graphics translator.
builddeps  :
    - pkgconfig(python)
    - libcairo-devel
    - liblcms2-devel
    - imagemagick-devel
    - pango-devel
    - python-devel
    - python-cairo-devel
rundeps    :
setup      : |
    python build
install    : |
    python install

Can anyone teach me? @sunnyflunk @kyrios123

( )

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Marking DOA due to lack of upstream activity.