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Wired connection doesn't automatically connect on login since "automatically connect to VPN" was checked
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In the NetworkManager applet, under Edit Connections > Edit > General, if I uncheck the VPN option, it connects automatically on startup. But if I have it checked, I get no network connection until I click on the network icon and click to connect to Wired Connection. Then it connects just fine.

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Since it's been about a month, I figured I'd post an update: still happens.

facing the same issue in a a VMware setup (WIN7 64bit host / Solus 3 current as guest). Left clicking the network icon in the taskbar and the then 'lan' establishes the connection, that incl the vpn

Update: still happens, but I can confirm it does eventually connect, consistently about 5 minutes after startup.

Distro: Solus 3.1 (3.26.1)
Kernel: 4.13.8-28.current x86_64
bits: 64
gcc: 6.4.0
Desktop: Budgie 10.4
Budgie version: Budgie 1.4 updated

Still facing the issue with the latest updates applied.

The network icon is also missing for the duration it takes the OS to establish the LAN + VPN connections at boot

network icon missing.png (121×408 px, 87 KB)

Since it's been a couple months, I figured I'd post an update: still happening. Hopefully this will be gone in Solus 4!

@yaomtc Are you talking about the NetworkManager Applet or the network settings in GNOME? What type of VPN connection is it?

One thing is the missing icon in the taskbar, if that is the applet. The main issue though is that the network manager fails to automatically establish the VPN as set in the network settings. My end the VPN is TLS over OpenVPN

I don't know what @n8v8R means by a missing icon, but I'm referring to the Network Connections window you can get by right-clicking the network icon in the top bar of Budgie and clicking Edit Connections, or by right-clicking and choosing "Configure VPN" under VPN Connections. I then hit the '+' icon, and choose type "Import a saved VPN configuration", and then choose a *.ovpn file. I use UDP.

@yaomtc I am with you, I am facing the same and on my end on top of the network connection issue the network icon is gone at boot time till the connection is established, like showing my earlier post/

Oh, I forgot about that old comment. It was hidden in the "older changes". I have my bar on the top of the screen and it shows up. You could try moving the bar? Though I would be surprised if that worked.

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This still happens, and I think it was also preventing me from getting online today:

Here's two logs, one from waiting over 5 minutes for it to resolve itself, and another from waiting only 30 seconds before forcing it to connect by clicking "Wired Connection 1".

Also happening to me. I guess we're on the same boat :^)

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