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DKMS support
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Having DKMS support would be awesome since most of the users won't have to recompile drivers every time a new kernel is released. I apologize because I know this sounds very demanding but in the end it will benefit the end-user anyway.

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None of our drivers use or require dkms - so I'm puzzled why users would need dkms since they don't compile their drivers anyway?

To be fair I have to compile a driver for my wireless adapter when I run Solus (this module that I requested be added to the packages), I can imagine there is not an insiginificant amount of other people that do the same

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Welp I'm trying to do the exact same thing, but mine uses this module.

I believe there is no way that these drivers will be added on Solus unless such drivers will be merged to the kernel, and thus the only option we have at the moment is to use those GitHub sources.


same issue; might be relevant... ? (please don't kill me)

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I would have used DKMS as well.

I also need DKMS to make using the Nvidia beta drivers feasible, which I need to make full use of my HTC Vive VR headset.
The assumption that pre-packaged drivers are always enough for everybody sadly has no basis in reality.

Or we can just package the beta drivers.. You realise that once we support secure boot fully, DKMS wouldn't actually even work? We'll have to sign the kernel and modules all with the same key.

Yes, packaging beta drivers would help my specific case and I'm certainly the last guy to say no to that but it wouldn't really help the other cases
with WiFi drivers and other less common hardware.

Secure boot is certainly an issue to people using secure boot, which isn't exactly the hottest thing in Linux land.
Though I do think full secure boot is a good goal to have I think it would be a trade-off an advanced user could make for better hardware support,
just not as a default.

To come back to the Nvidia beta drivers: Is that underway already? If yes, where can I follow the progress? (So I don't spam this issue too more.)

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Add dkms

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How are we supposed to install drivers if you don't give us a way to compile them?. You just close issues and don't listen to the community at all.

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Please do NOT re-open tasks tha tare closed. You CAN compile drivers against the kernel, you do NOT need dkms for this.

@cata0309 I appreciate the fact that you are new here and don't yet understand how we do things, but please, don't demand things. We are not other distros. We frequently say no to things because they are technically poor solutions to problems or because better solutions exist. I also recognize that you are still irritated that we refused your request for out-of-tree wireless drivers. You are free to build and compile whatever you want for your system.

We are not going to support DKMS. Not now or any time in the future. As a rolling release, we put out a new kernel typically every week and in some rare occasions, twice a week. Unlike many other distros, we ship pre-built initramfs so that you don't have to build them every time a kernel updates. That's 5-20 minutes, per kernel, every week that we save most users during the update process. As a result, DKMS cannot be integrated. If it was, that would even further slow down the update process.

Regardless, it is overkill for what you are trying to do. You don't need to add drivers to the initramfs, you just need to rebuild them with each kernel release. This is easily achievable with a package and I personally rebuild a dozen or so packages every week that provide the out-of-tree drivers that we are legally comfortable redistributing. This approach saves the most amount of time for the most users. I am sorry that you have a hardware configuration that falls into the minority, but please refrain from throwing a tantrum over it.

We do listen to the community. However, the majority of the work on Solus is made possible by the volunteer efforts of fewer than 10 people each week. We are not paid to work on Solus and do-so in our spare time. This means keeping the scope of what we support realistic and sometimes having to say "no" to things so that we aren't stretched thin. Most users understand this and are willing to make compromises. If you don't agree with how we do things, I'm sorry to hear that. Demanding that we change, however, will not be tolerated.