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How much KDE cruft needs to be packaged for this?

Also, provide more information in accordance with

How far down the rabbit hole??

I just built it, 4 new KF5 libs (already built them as needed for k3b), and 1 kde thing and now it builds.

Program doesn't appear to do anything but a bunch of plasmoids. Will have a better look in the morning.


On further investigation, for kdeconnect by itself to be useful it requires plasma (so building the rest of the desktop). That's not likely to happen any time soon.

I've seen multiple projects start particularly around 2014 that utilise kdeconnect-cli in their own gui/applet, but none seem to be well maintained. If you can find something well maintained that would nicely fit into Solus, I'll take a look

JoshStrobl claimed this task.

it requires plasma (so building the rest of the desktop)

No. Just no.


i found this which suggests it's not necessary to have plasma DE if you also install this indicator .

We don't support AppIndicator in Budgie, so this doesn't apply. Someone is welcome to implement the KDE protocol in a Budgie applet though.

Not to re-hash a closed subject, but did budgie add appindicator support in late 2016?
Wouldn't that mean that this would now work?

@Clifspeare This is Ubuntu Budgie-specific, it's not intended for Solus.

Will the inclusion of KDE Connect ever be a possibility? It's not very likely for someone to write a Budgie applet since it works just fine with AppIndicator.

Gnome extension (gsconnect) for KDE connect on Gnome DE works perfectly with neither KDE plasma nor KDEconnect installed on the computer. That extension is probably few MBs in size because it took less than 5 seconds to install on my slow internet. Why can't it be implemented to Budgie?

Gsconnect GitHub: