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Provide an unparalleled, best-in-class, desktop OS
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ikey, Jun 9 2017


This is a meta task to track over the next few months.

We have our main focus points in terms of userbase, i.e. we should provide an unrivalled home computing experience. Equally we should provide the #1 Linux gaming OS.

Papercuts, and general dumb shit that runs contrary to this goal (i.e. antique policies) should be revised to suit this ambition. This is the true direction of the Solus operating system,
the most important user piece of the Solus project.

  • Quick & easy access to needed software titles (Add the GUI foreign package installer, support flatpak, and be willing to support other tech if necessary)
  • The OS should keep the user safe and secure through constant updates and sane defaults (We protect privacy but we're not privacy oriented. Let's keep this scoped.)
  • The major target groups in the Solus audience must be able to realise their goals quickly and efficiently without the OS getting in their way
  • The OS must look after itself (Provide confirmation for sane variables, such as drivers. Don't confuse them)
  • The OS must not assume technical abilities. i.e. middle of the road approach, don't patronise or spoon feed, but also don't leave them high & dry.
  • The OS should never leave the user stranded, i.e. do not push breaking updates. Take the long path if needed.
  • Enable developers to more easily get their software to their users through Solus mechanisms
  • The OS must provide an integrated experience. This is beyond just packaging, this is plugging the various parts of Solus together to provide a user facing OS that is strong and stable.
  • The project must continue to innovate to fulfil the user's evolving needs - a ship in harbour goes nowhere.
  • The project should always look upon issues and solutions with a modern mindset. Just because something works now doesn't make it right.

To summarise all of this: Give users the experience that they deserve.

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would love to see a mechanism for publishing packages (perhaps with less verification and trust) than the lengthy and somewhat slow package requests system now

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Kinda replaced by the meta release task