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ConvertAll : A comprehensive unit conversion program
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With ConvertAll, you can convert any unit in the large database to any other compatible unit & between just about any kind of measurements you could imagine. It does unit conversions of all sorts (current, historical, obscure, you name it) in a simple clean interface.

  • Now as compared to the pre-installed Calculator app, ConvertAll is a more complete conversion utility (setting aside the currency conversions). It has more units of measure and it lets you combine units in a formula. It is very handy for those odd occasions where you need to express Miles/Gallon in Furlongs/Hogshead including metric to US conversions.

Homepage ConvertAll : A comprehensive unit conversion program

Why Several notable features such as mentioned below; makes it commendable as well as a handy utility for students, teachers, and practitioners in engineering, physics, sciences, and technical subjects.

The base units for conversion may be either typed (with auto-completion) or selected from a list.
In general, either a unit's full name or its abbreviation can be used.
Units may be combined with the "*" and "/" operators & may be raised to powers (squared, cubed, etc.) with the "^" operator.
Units in the denominator may be grouped with parenthesis.
Units with non-linear scales, such as temperature, can also be converted.
Numbers may be entered on either the "From" or the "To" units side, for conversions in both directions.
Basic mathematical expressions may be entered in place of numbers.
Options control the formatting of numerical results.
The unit data includes over 500 units.
Command line options are available to do conversions without the GUI.
The user interface and the unit data are available in English, French, German, Russian and Spanish.

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Requirements ConvertAll requires the following libraries:

  • Python (Version 3.4 or higher)
  • Qt (Version 5.4 or higher)
  • PyQt (Version 5.4 or higher)

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