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NTP support is not installed - MATE
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I discovered this whilst writing the MATE section for the Date & Time page in the Solus Help Center and Josh has requested I file it here. This is a freshly installed copy of Solus MATE in a virtual machine.

Steps to reproduce -

Brisk Menu > Administration > Time and Date > changing the Configuration from "Manual" to "Keep synchronized with Internet servers".

Result - A message asking to install and activate NTP support, as shown in screenshot below.

NeilWB created this task.Jun 5 2017, 12:46 PM

This is not a solution, but a workaround:

Actually NTP is supported via systemd-timesyncd
Open a terminal and type timedatectl status to check if it's enabled
To configure the NTP servers, edit the file /etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf

As example, here is the ntp servers I defined on my computer.

[Time] 3.debian.p
NeilWB added a comment.Jun 5 2017, 3:39 PM


timedatectl status -

NTP enabled: yes
NTP synchronized: no

/etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf -


So it is enabled and I can add ntp servers but the GUI settings dialog doesn't know that.

siru added a subscriber: siru.Jun 11 2017, 9:48 AM

@ikey Will this be fixed for Solus 4 ?

Justin added a subscriber: Justin.Nov 18 2017, 11:18 PM

@mate-user, this will be fixed when it's fixed, again please do NOT tag people.

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Confirmed that this is no longer an issue in MATE.

mramish added a subscriber: mramish.EditedSat, Nov 3, 2:25 PM

This is still an issue. Done a fresh MATE installation a few days ago. No iam sitting in Helsinki airport an cannot change my timezone (error when trying to change settings).
In my /etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf where no entries for ntp servers. So i added a few manually and commented every line in. Now ntp sync semms to be working but i cannot change the timezone.

systemd-timesyncd.service - Network Time Synchronization
   Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/systemd-timesyncd.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
   Active: active (running) since Sat 2018-11-03 15:19:45 CET; 22min ago
     Docs: man:systemd-timesyncd.service(8)
 Main PID: 545 (systemd-timesyn)
   Status: "Synchronized to time server ("
    Tasks: 2 (limit: 4915)
   Memory: 2.0M
   CGroup: /system.slice/systemd-timesyncd.service
           └─545 /usr/lib/systemd/systemd-timesyncd

Nov 03 15:19:45 citadel systemd[1]: Started Network Time Synchronization.
Nov 03 15:19:45 citadel systemd-timesyncd[545]: request_name_destroy_callback n_ref=1
Nov 03 15:19:46 citadel systemd-timesyncd[545]: Network configuration changed, trying to establish connection.
Nov 03 15:19:46 citadel systemd-timesyncd[545]: Network configuration changed, trying to establish connection.
Nov 03 15:20:15 citadel systemd-timesyncd[545]: Synchronized to time server (

This Issue was already reported in Task 3885

mramish added a comment.EditedSun, Nov 4, 10:38 AM

Fixed the problem with :

sudo timedatectl set-timezone Europe/Helsinki

So this is only a workaround. A guess would be that the gui doesnt have the correct rights to do these changes ?

Let me know if you need more informations on this topic.

kyrios123 added a comment.EditedSun, Nov 4, 10:47 AM

This was correctly set on my MATE system but thb I don't recall if I did set it myself or not

Well at least i can reproduce this error on my end with the mate edition on my laptop and on vm. Its not a deal breaker but for people who travel a lot it might be annoying.

But i think this can be handled with lower priority.

From a quick look at the mate source code the following files are used for the settings:

/* Files that we look at and that should be monitored */
#define CHECK_NB 5
#define ETC_TIMEZONE        "/etc/timezone"
#define ETC_RC_CONF         "/etc/rc.conf"
#define ETC_SYSCONFIG_CLOCK "/etc/sysconfig/clock"
#define ETC_CONF_D_CLOCK    "/etc/conf.d/clock"
#define ETC_LOCALTIME       "/etc/localtime"

/* The first 4 characters in a timezone file, from tzfile.h */
#define TZ_MAGIC "TZif"

static char *files_to_check[CHECK_NB] = {

But the files for timezone are not here on my end. Are we missing something here ?

#define ETC_LOCALTIME "/etc/localtime"

Should be what it's using for timezone as the other files aren't used in Solus.

From my understanding there has to be #define ETC_TIMEZONE "/etc/timezone"

From : name

 * Code to deal with the system timezone on all distros.
 * There's no dependency on the SystemTimezone GObject here.
 * Here's what we know:
 *  + /etc/localtime contains the binary data of the timezone.
 *    It can be a symlink to the actual data file, a hard link to the data
 *    file, or just a copy. So we can determine the timezone with this
 *    (reading the symlink, comparing inodes, or comparing content).
 *  + However, most distributions also have the timezone setting
 *    configured somewhere else. This might be better to read it from there.
 *    Debian/Ubuntu/Gentoo (new): content of /etc/timezone
 *    Fedora/Mandriva: the ZONE key in /etc/sysconfig/clock
 *    openSUSE: the TIMEZONE key in /etc/sysconfig/clock
 *    Solaris/OpenSolaris: the TZ key in /etc/TIMEZONE
 *    Arch Linux: the TIMEZONE key in /etc/rc.conf
 *    Gentoo (old): the ZONE key in /etc/conf.d/clock
 *    FIXME: reading the system-tools-backends, it seems there's this too:
 *           Solaris: the TZ key in /etc/default/init
 *                    /etc/TIMEZONE seems to be a link to /etc/default/init
 * First, some functions to handle those system config files.

/* This works for Debian and derivatives (including Ubuntu), and new Gentoo */