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Intermittent freezes when opening up laptop lid after it has been closed.
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I have been having an issue for the last several weeks, maybe longer at this point; where sometimes when I close the lid of my laptop and open it back up later the machine will be completely frozen and the caps lock indicator and whatever the indicator next to it is that has the down arrow (sorry I do not know the name of it)

I guess this is a kernel panic? I'm not sure, that's just what I found when I searched what is happening. Though, the solution to shut down the machine does not seem to work. I have to hard shut down the machine every time this happens.

I thought I had fixed the issue by installing and enabling tlp, but that did not seem to fix the issue because it just happened again this morning.

I do not know if this is an issue with Solus or not. I just wanted to let someone know it was happening. The only other distro I have run for as long as I have Solus was Arch. I never experienced this running that but that was a while ago and my laptop has had some issues since I ran Arch.

I have attached a video that I got one time, hopefully that helps explain what is occurring a little bit better.{F62593}

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@RaspberryRye mind providing the output of inxi -F ? Need to know more about your hardware to know where to start.

RaspberryRye added a comment.EditedJul 20 2017, 1:52 AM

@DataDrake Thank you for the reply!

I forgot I had this question out here actually. I no longer have this hardware unfortunately, or else I would provide the inxi -F.

The issue seemed to be with that machine, I have not had the issue with my new hardware.

Sorry about that. I wish I had remembered this was out here, and closed it before now.

Thank you again for replying! :)

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Sorry it took so long to reply!

Closing as invalid, only because I can't resolve it without fixing it and without someone having the hardware.

No problem @DataDrake!

I understand. Maybe someone else has a Dell Latitude E6410? And would be able to give you the necessary files for fixing this.

Thank you again.