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Cheese can't use logitech C170 webcam
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I couldn't use my logitech C170 webcam in cheese. I think this is a common issue with cheese, the terminal ouput shows this:

libv4l2: error got 4 consecutive frame decode errors, last error: v4l-convert: libjpeg error: End Of Image
(cheese:9695): cheese-WARNING **: Failed to allocate a buffer: gstv4l2src.c(871): gst_v4l2src_create (): /GstCameraBin:camerabin/GstWrapperCameraBinSrc:camera_source/GstBin:bin35/GstV4l2Src:v4l2src1

I don't think this is a Solus problem really, this is an old bug, but the workaround is very simple: change the resolution to 640x480. So maybe something can be done to fix this in Solus, maybe some sane default that can be used to avoid this annoyance...

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So maybe something can be done to fix this in Solus

This is something that should be fixed upstream in Solus. Closing since there is no actionable item for us.