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Name: resetmsmice

I recently made the idiotic decision to purchase a Microsoft mouse and keyboard to use for linux. I still dual-boot Windows for some required work apps. I noticed that, after booting into Windows and then back into Solus, that the scroll speed of the mouse is doubled. I googled it and found that it is a common problem for all linux distros and, amazingly, the fix is to simply unplug the mouse's USB receiver and then plug it back in. While it's only a minor annoyance, I prefer to plug the USB receiver into the back of my display, where it isn't easily reachable. So I searched and found that someone had developed a utility that resets the configuration for Microsoft mice on linux and that fixed the problem.

After hunting and pecking in the Solus repo for the proper dependencies and installing them, I was able to compile and install the 'resetmsmice' package and it mostly works. It even installs, in the "Other" category, the menu entry for "Microsoft Mouse Settings" with an icon. The application comes with just two basic features:

  1. a GUI with a "Reset" button that resets the mouse configuration so that the scrolling speed issue gets fixed immediately. This works perfectly.
  2. in the same GUI, it has "Enable" and "Disable" buttons. When "Enable" is clicked, it sets it so that the mouse reset occurs every time you boot into linux. This does not work in Solus - it errors out. Here is the output after clicking the Enable feature:

Installing resetmsmice System V startup scripts...
ln: failed to create symbolic link '/etc/rc2.d/S17resetmsmice': No such file or directory
ln: failed to create symbolic link '/etc/rc3.d/S17resetmsmice': No such file or directory
ln: failed to create symbolic link '/etc/rc4.d/S17resetmsmice': No such file or directory
ln: failed to create symbolic link '/etc/rc5.d/S17resetmsmice': No such file or directory
Installation failed creating links to '/etc/init.d/resetmsmice'!

Error running: /usr/bin/pkexec /usr/local/sbin/resetmsmice-enable-boot --enable --quiet
Error message: Resource temporarily unavailable

Is it Open Source: yes

How many users do you anticipate will use this software? No idea, but a good number of people have MS mice.
Link to source tarball/zip file:

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Accepted for inclusion but giving we don't use SysVInit, someone is going to need to implement systemd unit files (and ideally get those upstreamed).

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This has sat in accepted for inclusion for 6 months now. Clearly, there is a lack of demand for the inclusion of this software, nobody has stepped up to provide a patch, maintain it, and properly integrate it. Closing as a result. Feel free to reopen but only when someone offers a patch via our proper patch submission methods and volunteers to be maintainer.

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