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Inconsistent implementation of Arc Dark in Qt applications
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I have always thought it weird that even though I am using the Arc-Dark theme Virtualbox does not pick up on it like other QT applications do.

I looked around and found this line to put in /etc/environments: QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=GTK+

Even with this, Virtualbox still does not pick up the dark theme.

I know on like Arch or Ubuntu, there is a package to install called qt5styleplugins. I have not been able to find anything like this on Solus.

Am I missing the package to install to make this happen?

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Can confirm the same issue with Peerunity (another Qt application). Text coloring doesn't change, for example, when using Arc Dark, so it's a white background on white(ish) text, making it near impossible to read.

It's possible there is additional bits that need to be installed, bringing @sunnyflunk in on this since he has experience with all the Qt5 bits.

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I think you are thinking about qt5ct. This was dropped from qt5 (was a part of qt4). It's value is reduced as apps can use their own themeing (or more appropriately, not use the standard QT_STYLE). I played with it, but it didn't seem to allow to change the icon theme in a sane way, which was what I was after.

@RaspberryRye are you basing that on having rethemed VBox (since VBox has been Qt5) before. My understanding is that you basically can't for some apps. For peerunity all that changes is the title bar, menu bar and text colour in a couple of places. You'll notice they don't look like the usual qt5 apps.

Perhaps I will learn more once I start poking these qt themes.

Maybe with QGtkStyle

Or with an Arc theme for Qt like this one ?

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I have seen other people talking about this issue on different distros where they have a dark gtk theme, but some QT applications do not pick up the theme. In the comments of those places, I have seen it being talked about needing to install either one/both of these things and then putting QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=GTK+.

I also have remember, and then looked before posting this that when I used Ubuntu with a dark theme, VIrtualbox picked it up fine. If I look through the dependencies that Ubuntu installs for Virtualbox, it installs qt5-style-plugins.

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Is there any news on this?

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Given that Arc has been passed around a few times from fork to fork, there's very little chance this will be fixed in the future.