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gnome-online-accounts - Nextcloud Account won't sync.
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Encountered a problem when trying to retrieve Calendar and Contacts from a Nextcloud server with Online Accounts. Adding an account is successful, but neither Calendar or Contacts sync with the respective software in Solus. I have a number of Nextcloud accounts, some of which sync and others that don't. It seems to be dependent on whether or not the Username for the Account has a space in (if it does have a space, it won't sync).

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sootstone renamed this task from gnome-online-accounts Nextcloud Account (and poss others) won't sync. to gnome-online-accounts - Nextcloud Account won't sync..May 25 2017, 9:46 AM
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Yep, thought they might be related.

Just like to add, I had this issue several weeks ago (maybe 3-4), but only just got round to reporting it.

Now working, Nextcloud 12?