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joebonrichie, May 24 2017


Since Solus is now accepting and working on kde applications and plasma, kde connect functionality with a gui would be useful on other desktop environments. It should be noted I have this packaged locally (indicator, kdeconnect and a couple of python rundeps) and everything is working as it should on budgie, I haven't tested it on the mate or gnome stacks though.

I would estimate that quite a large number of users would be interested in this as it has been requested multiple times.

latest release:

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The stance on this has not changed. I said clearly in the kdeconnect task that it needed some means to work with the current desktops and if it was able to, I would happily put it in myself (this release was forked from what was basically abandoned code).

I've heard inconsistent results of this working (sometimes but not others), but if it does work correctly and not buggy, then yeah, it goes in.

The software is working pretty consistently for me.

The features I haven't been able to get to work is the remote input control, which i assume is kde specific. As well as sending files from my phone to my desktop. As well as the browse device feature from the indicator.

pairing, pinging, find my phone, sending sms, notifications, remote media control and sending files from the pc to my phone is working well.

I'll try to get all the features working but I wonder how much is kde specific and how much is the fault of indicator itself.

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Remote input control and sending files from the device is now working. The browse device feature will be fixed in the next release.

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Well it sounds like there's enough there to make it worthwhile. I mean, kdeconnect needs to be added regardless for the new plasma spin. My issue was that once it's found in the software center people will complain it doesn't work (and without this being updated as it has been recently, it really couldn't be used well on other desktops).

I haven't gotten remote input/control stuff to work even on plasma (but I don't know how or really have a need to use it kdeconnect)...So it can go in with the proviso being, it is what it is (the odd feature may not yet work) and you'll keep it updated so we get the new goodies :)

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This works for what I need it to do. Thanks for packaging this!

bandh added a subscriber: bandh.Feb 26 2018, 2:24 PM

This bajoja indicator works great. I compiled it from the github. I think the indicator bundled with kdeconnect ( found in the repos should be disabled ) and this should be in the repos( as I don't find it ).

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On further testing if 'Show device directories: ' in KDE Indicator Settings is checked the browse device function works only once ( pop up a nautilus window to '/run/user/1000/<id>/storage/emulated/0' and on second try it pop up a window to '/run/user/1000/<id>/storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera' ) and after that it fails to open new windows. If the option is unchecked and checked again in KDE Indicator Settings it works again . I will post this on github also as I'm not sure if it is solus related or not.

Only reason I haven't put this in is due to the buggy nature of the 'Browse Device' option. I also need to split up the kdeconnect package into kdeconnect-core and kdeconnect-indicator in anticipation of different kdeconnect frontend options.

bandh added a comment.Mar 2 2018, 1:59 PM

The split is a great ideea. Also you could add Bajoja kdeconnect-indicator at it is and maybe the "Browse Device" will be fixed upstream . I opened an issue at :

Resolved in a commit on May 15, though they haven't had a release since April so would need to be coming from source right now

If it's actually fully fixed this time I'll include it.

@joebonrichie any progress about the inclusion ?

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Closing due to lack of activity in over 30 days. Still eligible for inclusion.

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@joebonrichie please make sure you mark things when you decide to maintain them.

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This is a different piece of software different from kdeconnect meant for gnome based environments.

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