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[SOLVED] Missing /etc/crypttab file in a LVM + full encryption scenario
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I had to modify lvm.conf and crypttab in order to enable TRIM, but the /etc/crypttab was not there. I tried to search for it in the root folder and had nothing but a man file with similar name mentioning the /etc/crypttab.
I am able to decrypt normally.

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Why do you need /etc/crypttab ? You're already booted to the volume.

neo-alquimista added a comment.EditedMay 17 2017, 12:50 PM

I'm getting "the discard operation is not supported" when trying to run

sudo fstrim -v /

I read in many discussions that I need to enable discards in lvm.conf and crypttab file in order to make it run. My SSD supports it, I've been doing it for months; it's just not working now that I have LVM and full disk encryption. Perhaps you know the proper way of doing it?

EDIT: SOLVED IT. I had to edit the systemd-boot entry for Solus (/boot/loader/entries/Solus-lts-4.9.26-25.conf), adding "rd.luks.options=discard" to the end of the last line. Now it executes TRIM.

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ikey closed this task as Invalid.May 22 2017, 6:47 PM

OK so if you want to keep discard - don't manually edit the entries


sudo mkdir /etc/kernel
sudo echo "rd.luks.options=discard" > /etc/kernel/cmdline
sudo clr-boot-manager update

Then it'll keep across all updates